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Nathan Heinze Fine Art

"Memoria" Original Painting

"Memoria" Original Painting

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Oil on Canvas, 24x36

"Memoria" is memory in Latin. The main figure is an angel. The moon reminds her of a long-forgotten memory, one that is tinged with wistfulness and melancholy but with a hint of acceptance as she drops her head. The process to create this painting was long and tedious, but never uninspired - the image is loosely based on a sculpture from a Russian cemetery in St. Petersburg. I began with texture paste; I laid it down thickly, and when half dry, I "carved" the detail into it. After it dried, I applied a coat of acrylics for the basic values and then painted layers of oil glazes over it, and used toothpicks and scumbling with brushes and clay-shaping tools to achieve the final effect.

Limited Edition Print also available!

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