At age eight, Heinze began studying under the late Helen Carkin, a renowned batik artist. Throughout high school and college he won various art awards and worked at Pittard Sullivan, where he helped design set pieces for TNT and NBC and storyboarded commercials for large corporate clients. After that, Heinze was the illustrator for York Publishing before earning an MBA from California State University, Chico, and a PhD from Florida Atlantic University. He has sinced worked on projects for Disney, the NBA, Oracle, Simon & Schuster, Cosmos-Maya Studios, Applewood Books, Arcadia Publishing, and more.

In 2021 Heinze pivoted to fine art and is focused on creating paintings that capture a feeling of mystery, beauty, and melancholy.


Artist Statement

I like to paint dark, lonely, mysterious, beautiful pictures - to reach the unreachable, to discover the undiscoverable, to touch the divine.

Group Shows

2023 "ArtPHL" - Featured Artist, ArtPHL, Palm Harbor, Florida

2023 "Sweet Death" - House of Shadows, Tampa, Florida

2023 "Drawn" - House of Shadows, Tampa, Florida

2023 "Big" - Five Deuces Galleria, Saint Petersburg, Florida

2022 "Nightmare on Kennedy" - House of Shadows, Tampa, Florida

2022 "Black and White" - Five Deuces Galleria, Saint Petersburg, Florida

2022 "Dia de los Muertos 3" - Atelier de SoSi, Saint Petersburg, Florida

2022 "POP!" - Art Center Sarasota, curated by Danny Olda, Sarasota, Florida

2022 "Happy" - Five Deuces Galleria, Saint Petersburg, Florida

2022 "ArtPHL" - ArtPHL, Palm Harbor, Florida


Solo Shows

2021 Nathan Heinze - "Emerging Artist" - John Brock Art Alcove, Palm Harbor, Florida



2022 Best of Show, "Music to my Eyes" - Dunedin Fine Art Center, Dunedin, Florida

2022 Honorable Mention, "POP!" -  Art Center Sarasota, curated by Danny Olda, Sarasota, Florida

2011 First Place Award, "Mystery" - Suntan Art Center, Saint Petersburg, Florida



"Dreaming of Christmas" Book review, Osprey Observer

ArtPHL 2023 Promo Video